Grampian Squash Rules Page 2

 PLAYING THE MATCH - Ties shall be played according to “The Rules of Squash - The Singles Game”, according to W.S.F. Rules and Scottish Squash Code of Conduct. 

a)                   Scoring – is by the American Scoring system otherwise known as point a rally

·                     First division matches - play to 11 – (if 10 all – two clear points thereafter required to win)

·                     All other open league divisions - play to 15 – (if 14 all – two clear points thereafter required to win).

·                     Veterans - use the American scoring system - play to 15 – (if 14 all – two clear points thereafter required to win).

b)                  Match Ball - A tournament ball recommended by Scottish Squash, of speed appropriate to the court conditions and ability of the players, shall be used. Should there be a dispute between players regarding the tie ball the home team player will decide.

c)                   Eye Protection - All Juniors (under 19) must wear approved eye protection. Juniors participating in a tie without eye protection will be offered the opportunity to obtain appropriate eye protection before proceeding. If eye protection not available, then the player will be removed from the court and forfeit their tie.

Grampian Squash would recommend all players consider eye protection, however non – juniors may play without eye protection, at their own discretion.

Rationale: Scottish Squash rules that for safety reasons, juniors must wear appropriate eye protection. 

Penalty: Junior will lose their tie without any other tie’s being affected 

Permitted Exception: None


d)                  Marking Matches - All Ties shall be marked where ever possible. Home teams should mark 3 ties with the away team marking 2.

Rationale: It is preferred to have a referee to ensure as much as possible that a balanced view is available for disputed situations in the tie.

Penalty: No penalty

Permitted Exception: We appreciate that players leave after matches and also that matches can be playing on several courts and therefore a limited number of people available to referee.

e)                  Match Point Awards - One point shall be awarded for each tie won and five additional bonus points shall be awarded to the winning Team. The winning Team shall be the one which won the majority of ties in the Match.

Rationale: Bonus points are awarded for teams that appear with a full team compliment and are ready to start at the allocated time. The bonus points are a reward for affording your opponents the appropriate respect.

Penalty: No bonus points are awarded where the winning team has fielded less than the full complement of 5 players, or had players arriving late.   

Permitted Exception: None

f)                    Registering Results - Results shall be co-ordinated by the Match Secretary. The home teams shall be responsible for entering and submitting the Match results into the website, normally before 12.00pm the following day and at the latest, within two working days of the tie date (whether played or not). In addition, both captains should sign the unstamped result card and the home team captain should retain this in case of disputes regarding the tie result. Matches where no results have been posted within 3 days will incur a penalty.

Rationale: We have an audience following the results for varying reasons and it is simply respecting that audience by having the results announced in a timely fashion. 

Penalty: A penalty of 5 points will apply when results not entered within 3 working days

Permitted Exception: None as the team captain can delegate the role to another team member in the event of them being unable to lodge the results in a timely manner and that person email the rules sub-committee the results.

2.              END OF SEASON TEAM STRENGTHENING – is not permitted. A player must have played for a team by the end of the 14th week of the season to be eligible to play for that team to the end of the season.  


Rationale: Teams should not be able to bring in players at the end of the season who consistently have played at a higher team level throughout the season should not be able to drop down and play in a lower team level when promotions and relegations are being decided, if the teams are playing in a Ladder.  


Penalty: Forfeit thir tie and all ties below theirs.

Permitted Exception: Player returning from long term injury to their normal playing position. . It will be at Grampian Squash’s discretion as to whether such requests are granted and teams should have written confirmation that the player has been granted prior to playing. Without such authorisation the player will have been deemed to be ineligible.

A new player joining the club in the second half of the season.

3.              League placings - in the event of two or more Teams having the same number of points at the end of the Season, placing shall be decided, in the first instance, by the difference between the number of matches won and lost and, if that fails to separate the Teams, the difference between the number of ties won and lost shall be taken into account and, if that fails to separate the Teams, the difference between the number of games won and lost shall be taken into account. In the event of their still not being a winner a play-off match under normal rules will be applied to decide the winner.”


4.              Promotion and relegation Promotion and relegation from all Open Divisions shall be on a one up, one down basis. Promotion cannot be declined. Play offs between the second bottom team in the higher league and the second top team of the lower league will determine a winner, who will play in the higher league and a loser, who will play in the lower league.


In the event of a team having withdrawn from a league, then promotion will be offered to the loser of the relevant play off. If this team refuses promotion it will then be offered to the team finishing 3rd in the lower league and should they refuse promotion then a suitable alternative team of player ability level. Every effort will be made to have leagues of 8 teams. To qualify for a play-off team, players must have represented that team at least 3 times within the league programme.

Play offs will be scheduled for the week before Finals Night. Venue to be mutually agreed by the team captains or otherwise by the Grampian Squash Rules Sub-Committee.


13. GRAMPIAN SQUASH RULES SUB - COMMITTEE - Any issue concerning the rules should be directed to the rules sub-committee who will settle any disputes. The rules sub-committee consists of at least 3 members of the committee. Any subsequent appeal would be reviewed by the full committee.


Team Knockout Competition.

1.         In so far as is applicable, the Main League Rules shall apply to the Team Knockout Competition, unless otherwise notified. Ladder teams will remain as ladder teams for the Team Knockout competition. Team position order positions is 5th string first, then 4th string, 1st string, 3rd string and finally 2nd string.

2.         A player may not take part in a Team Knockout Competition unless they have represented the team at least 3 times during the league season. Where a player has played for two or more teams during the league season, then they will play in their current ranked ladder position.  

A player may play for a team in both the Veterans and Open leagues, provided they qualify within the league season.

3.         Teams playing in a ladder system within the Cup Competitions will be permitted to pull a player up from a lower team, even if that player has already played for the lower team in a cup tie.  The promoted player may return to the lower team in the following round.

4.         Each match will consist of five ties (three in Veterans). Team Knockout ties shall be played to either 30 points (British Scoring) or twenty minutes, whichever occurs first. In the event of 20 minutes occurring during a rally, time will be called immediately, with no further points awarded.

5.         The result of the match shall be determined from the aggregate number of points. In the event of the aggregate number of points being equal the last tie on court shall continue until one player wins the next point (sudden death). The player in hand at the end of the tie shall start serving in the sudden death play – off and the winner of that rally will determine the match result.

6.        Seedings for Cup Competitions will be decided after week 14 of that season.


Individual Knockout Competition.

1.              Players may only play in the division competition where they have represented a team. Where a player has played for two or more teams during the league season, then they will only be able to participate for the team which they represented the most.  

2.         Each tie to be the best of 5 games.

3.         The top player in the draw selects the venue (Home or Away), for the tie and is responsible for arranging the tie. Two dates should be offered to the opposing player, one of which must be at least 1 week before the deadline. If home courts are not available then the tie should be played at the opponent’s courts.

4.         The winner of the tie must inform the tournament organiser of the result, by the date on the Draw sheet. Failure to notify the tournament organiser of the result will mean that the Bottom player in the Draw will automatically go through to the next round.


General Rules for all Competitions.

1.       Ties to be marked & refereed by team members where possible. Ideally the marking responsibility should be shared 3-2 between the home and away team. 

2.       Score cards for each KO Cup tie must be completed by the home team and returned to the Tie Secretary within 48 hours.  E mail submission accepted.

3.       The home team Captain will elect which ball is used.




A Tie is a contest between two players.

A Tie is a contest between two players and shall be the best of five games.


Squash Ball Selection

The recommendations are as follows:

Revelation Pro XX (double yellow dot) for tournament, KO Cup and league tie

Revelation Competition XT (yellow dot) for league tie where court temperature or playing standard demands then this ball may be used

Max progress (black no dot colour) for younger junior player (under 11)

Max (blue ball) for beginners only


Scoring Systems


Division 1


Point A Rally to 11, 2 clear points in the event of 10-10.


Divisions 2, 3, 4, & Veterans


Point a Rally to 15, 2 clear points in the event of 14-14.


All Cup Competitions


Traditional British Scoring to a max of 30 or 20 minutes.