March 2024 Committee meeting minutes

Grampian Squash Committee

Minutes of Meeting Wednesday 13th March 2024

Present: T van Huuksloot, D Selway, G Davidson, K Hobson, J Webster, A Lamb, C Cook, S Black, C Hunter

Apologies: J Ewen, G Tierney

Approval of Previous Minutes:

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes


Other sponsors than main one(s) can sponsor individual competitions or Inter-Regional Junior Championships.

Committee & Info



Treasurer’s Report


Accounts as follows:

*Please enquire if interested*

Deductions from previous meeting include trophies for Finals night, Junior trophies and contribution to the wake of Paul Charlton.


TvH to be second signature on bank account.


Additional fundraising efforts and raffle organized for Finals Night.  





We agree to pay back half the coaching fees for anyone (if and when they passed the course as well as being able to show having served 10 hours of coaching)

GD kindly has declined payment costs to be reimbursed – GD to check if others require payment to be made.







Trophy engraving, ordering of medals – in progress



Junior Report & Development League


School Squash: We're still in the Ellon Catchment Area until the Easter Holidays delivering School Squash. Next term we move back out to Banchory and we're in the process of completing a timetable that includes all P6/P7 children at Hill of Banchory Primary, Drumoak and Banchory Primary as well as an after school club at the Banchory Sports Village. We're also working with Cornhill Primary School to run sessions for their P5-P7 classes. Dates and times to be confirmed before the end of the month.




Regional Development: 

Inverurie - Annie Lamb, Tommy van Huuksloot and Peter Douglas have started a Junior Squash Programme at the Garioch Sports Centre on Saturday mornings. They've had a great uptake with juniors across a wide age range and participants well into the double figures (which is really exciting). The work their doing is great! From a personal perspective it's also been great to see so many coming along that played squash in school when we ran our school squash programme in Inverurie earlier in the academic year.

ASV: Continue to do great work on the Junior Squash front being spearheaded by Mark Gauci, Graham Davidson and Innes Young. As well as having the highest volume of juniors playing regional and national events they have also been able to build their pathway out further with the introduction of young Om Patil into their Division 3 Grampian League team which is great to see!

Ellon: The growth at Ellon has been phenomenal and all down to the great work of Danny Hawthorn and Carl Hochfelden. At our last bronze event which was held at ASRC, Ellon had 6 junior player participating which made up almost a third of the draw. As well the great level of participation the quality is also growing with winners of both the B and C Grade coming from Ellon.

Banchory: We still need to identify a group of coaches that could start a Junior Squash programme - we could really do with a meeting with their squash representatives to help try maximise the School Squash programme.

Banff: We're working with Banff to help get them set up to run a Junior Squash programme. This is still in it's infancy but hopefully one to watch.


Meeting arranged with clubs to discuss junior development arranged for 26th March – venue TBC


AL to contact Jackie Riches regarding junior contact for Banchory


SB to talk to Kippie re junior coaching






JE requests help from Grampian Squash (GS) & Community to create a little structure and help with fundraising for the Junior development.

i.e. one idea is to have Juniors affiliated to Grampian Squash by paying a small fee to enter 5 tournaments which will be funded by GS

Ideally we find one or 2 more sponsors to help fund this.



Regional Events:

Our last Junior and U23 event was held at ASRC with a total entry of 22 participants:

A Grade result
Tom Clark - Winner

Peter Macari - Runner-up


B Grade

George Stark - Winner

Erin MacDonald - Runner-up


C Grade

John Hochfelden - Winner

Aonghus Young - Runner-up


Our next event takes place later this month but clashes with the ESC Open so we're expecting a slightly lower entry but all juniors welcome to enter (of any ability) -



Match Secretary’s Report


All individuals who played and were actively playing towards the end of the season are all members of Sporty HQ

Thanks to everyone for making this happen.

Got a list from SS with players out of date and or to become out of date.

Update/chase captains with out of date team members to get renewed.

CC has updated duplicate accounts etc







Membership check (Through Sporty) to be done and then report to all captains if there are outstanding.
Being checked on ongoing basis. (see above)





Individual Knock out underway, running slightly behind. Noted, no effect on time scales for trophies. To be played and scores reported prior to Finals Night.


Update 13/03/2024:

CC to set this up in Sporty – completed

Team KO unable to be on Sporty.

DS (Div1)

AL & CC (Div2)

GD (Div 3)





Looking at Being able to link our website to Sporty, so we only have to input scores once (where we are used to)

TvH, CC & Stuart Montieth to check costs with respective website domains.

Ongoing – provide feedback and updates to SS prior to next season.



TvH / CC



Team KO Finals to be played on Finals night – starting at 6pm.

Captains are reminded to play in order (5,4,1,2,3)





Scottish Squash Report – updated quarterly


Paul Macari keen to be part at one of our committee meetings

We will look into a suitable meeting for him to attend in future.






Scottish Squash has released a Board summary Meeting Notes document we can share with all.

See website alongside the minutes



Grampian Squash and ASRC have a good working relationship where agreements have been reached when either ASRC or Grampian Squash are awarded future Squash events.






Scottish Squash have established a ‘Regional Association Working Group’.

The idea would be to look to pull together the regional Directors and the Chair of each Regional Association, to achieve our (Scottish Squash) strategic goal to better work through the regions, improve the Board to membership connect that came through in the recent Director appraisal feedback and to facilitate greater inter-region conversation.

PC & TvH agreed to be part of this working group representing the Grampian region.





Asked if Scottish Squash can implement “blanket” payments towards courts at tournaments… ASRC seems to get less per court than other Venues




Rules Sub Committee Report


The Rules Sub Committee consists of:

George Tierney; Steve Black (Chairman) Danny Selway & Graham Davidson

Anyone with an issue can email the Rules Subcommittee directly through:


GD to provide access to email accounts to TvH and AL







The committee after the AGM now consists:-

Changes to committee as voted within committee meeting on 13/03/2024


Tommy van Huuksloot

Vice President

Steve Black


Annie Lamb


Steve Black

Match Secretary

Chris Cook

Junior Convenor

Joe Ewen

Committee Members

George Tierney

Jim Webster


Danny Selway


Keith Hobson


Graham Davidson


Colin Hunter






AL to email captains for feedback on the structure of the leagues and KO. Could anything be improved or any ideas on how to change the structure.








Finals Night Thursday the 28th March

Committee has asked the following to referee the ties:-

Div 1 – Danny Selway (confirmed)

Div 2 – Maureen Maitland (confirmed)

Div 3 – TBC/Shared between teams

Vets – Jim Webster


We will ensure there’s a specific week for holding the play offs and promotion/relegation matches – Can be arranged between captains if required. 5th April can be used if required.





Any potential rule changes to be sent out prior to the AGM in May – to be discussed at next meeting



Player of the Month:

Sept-Oct:         John Milton (Resys)

Nov:                 Peter Douglas (Garioch 2)

Dec/Jan:          Danny Selway (Shell)

Feb:                  Gaurav Ahuja (ASV)



DS asked if possible to have more junior kit at ASRC as he is coaching 10-12 kids weekly. GD stated he could use some of ASV kit. AL to price another Grampian Junior Kit.



Nominations to be sent to TvH for Grampian Squash Awards.

Player of the Year, Junior Player of the Year, Most Improved Player of the Year and Volunteer of the Year.

Services to Grampian Squash Award to be awarded to Paul Charlton.




Next Committee Meeting Wednesday 17th April