March Committee Meeting Minutes

Grampian Squash Committee 

Minutes of Meeting Wednesday the 8th March 2023 

Present: P. Charlton, C. Cook, T van Huuksloot, J. Webster, G Tierney, S Black and G Davidson 

Apologies: K. Hobson, J. Ewen & D. Selway 

Approval of Previous Minutes: GD & GT 

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes 


Other sponsors than main one(s) can sponsor individual competitions or Inter-Regional Junior Championships.  


Committee & Info 



Last year’s results have been uploaded from Grampian website to Sporty HQ by Joe Ewen.  

However, duplication with other players from other Regions makes it necessary to get all the players’ e-mail addresses to avoid confusion and complaints from around the country!  

Grampian to continue this season with existing website for results – adding results from previous seasons on to SportyHQ in tandem so players get a requisite ranking by C. Cook & J. Ewen.  

Update 8th Feb 2023: 

This has now been completed and almost everyone are inputting the results on both Grampian Squash & Sporty HQ websites. 


Update 8th March: 

Still ongoing with a few minor anomalies that will get resolved. 





Treasurer’s Report 


A reasonably healthy Grampian Squash bank account. 






Agreed to pay back half the coaching fees for GD (if and when passed his course) 

Note: this goes for anyone within our Squash community that completes the course 







Additional Junior glasses bought £316 



Recent Exhibition Event - Greg Lobban v Daryl Selby 

Gave us an overall profit of £687.82 



Junior Report & Development League 


DCI accepted by Sport Scotland utilizing 4 venues: ASV, Banchory, Garioch & Ellon. 

Joe Ewen has agreed to take the position and started on the 22nd August 2022 




A steering group has been created to help / Guide Joe along the way. 

Steering group consists of 1 key member from each of the clubs involved with the DCI position: 

Update 8th Feb: 

A meeting with the steering group  was had recently which went well. 

JE, was hoping for a little more support from the steering group. 

JE to let us know what further support is required. 

PC actioned to chase up Jack Brodie to find out what Targets are set from Scottish Squash & Sport Scotland 










Grampian Leagues: We’ve seen a steady increase in junior participation over the last few months which is encouraging.  

We should consider supporting clubs further to help create pathways from junior training sessions into competitive play. 



JE & PC 


DCI: This term we have been targeting Ellon with more that 210+ students receiving a school squash up to the Easter break. The sessions are targeted to Primaries 6 and 7 at Ellon Primary and Auctherellon.  

Additionally we running sessions at the Meadows Sports Centre for Ellon Academy S1 and S3 PE classes. Ellon Squash Club and the Meadows centre have been incredibly well engaged and their Junior after school programme is starting to attract interest from the kids receiving squash in school. 

We got a write up in Scottish Squash newsletter which was great and highlighted how well everyone had worked together. 

Next week I'm running some extra sessions at ASV for Kittybrewster primary school. Their P7 classes have an away week which some kids were unable to afford.  

We're running a squash camp for them instead on Monday (ASV have arranged other sports/activities for them) 



Club Development: ASV, Kippie, Ellon and ASRC are all seeing an increased junior participation which is excellent.  

ASRC are running a junior squash camp over the Easter holidays and we're considering running a junior event during May to bring these clubs together - more information to follow. 



Community support: Also at ASV we are hosting the Racketball event for the ASV corporate games. We held the first 3hr training session on Monday night and the second session is this evening.  

The event itself takes place on Monday night (13th March)- 49 matches in one evening with 14 companies taking part.  

Feedback from the first session was really positive and this is a great pathway into the sport. 




Match Secretary’s Report 



A meeting with Stuart Montieth will be arranged to find out how everyone is getting on with inputting of scores on Sporty HQ 

And to discuss how we can encourage outstanding individual fees to be paid. 

Update: The Grampian Leagues are now officially sanctioned by Scottish Squash and we’re active on Sporty HQ 

This includes we’re reaping all the benefits as well – Insurance to name one. 

Some may have noticed; when a team has a player who is not a paying member with Sporty HQ, the result won’t be able to be put in (for the whole match) Which means no points are awarded to the individuals either. 

Please try and ensure all players you select have paid up so that there are no issues when putting in the scores. 

Note 1: The deadline to ensure all team members are affiliated to Scottish Squash is the 28th February 

We will be docking points to teams who have not complied after this date 

As most captains will not be aware on who within their team has joined or not: 

TvH to check with Sporty and get in touch with the individual captains to inform them the names of people yet to join.  

Note 2: it may well be the individual has paid but there’s a duplicate profile making it appear they have not…this can be resolved, when we know of it! 

Update 8th Feb: 

We are close to having all players affiliated with Scottish Squash! 

Well done and thanks to all captains for chasing this within their teams. 































Singles Knock outs Start date -  25th January 

Information will be spread by the following people for each division: 

Div 1: Joe Ewen 

Div 2: Chris Cook 

Div 3: Graham Davidson 

VETS: Paul Charlton 

Update 8th Feb: 

All divisions are up and running! Good luck.














Doubles Knock outs: We hope to have this event played in one day.  

With ASRC in mind…  

Update 8th March: 

Due to ASRC asking Grampian Squash to pay £50 for the courts on that afternoon, we pointed out that the previous agreement with ASRC is not being honored – where we don’t charge for ASRC Teams in turn we get the courts for special events for free. 

ASRC Club Manager was not aware of this agreement and has stated they feel it is unfair to the members who don’t play Grampian Squash to lose out on court availability. 

For now, we have postponed this doubles knock out event, with venue also to be decided. 



Team Knock outs: 

Div 2 has been re-drawn as both Shell and Fintech pulled out. As a result both AU Students 2 and ASRC Osborne 2 were given byes into the second round.

Div2: is now as follows: 

Round 1:

Garioch 2 vs GPC Ellon

Banchory 1 vs Kippie 2

Div 1: 

Kippie 1 vs Shell 1

ASV Big Dog vs Garioch 1

ASRC Cloverleaf vs AU Students 1

Resys vs ASRC Osborne 1

Div 3: 

Keyhead vs ASRC RSL]

Shell 3 vs AU Students 3

ASRC Osborne 3 vs Banchory 2

ASV People vs ASRC Hot Custard


Have reached the conclusion to the Final, here’s how: 

Round 1:

Kippie Vets got a bye into round 2.

Shell (+25) 52 vs ASRC Stoneywood (0) 80

GPC Ellon Vets (+20) 76 vs ASRC Hot Custard Vets (+30) 54

Shell Charlatans (+5) 90 vs ASRC Jesters Vets (+15) 18

Round 2:

Kippie Vets (+10) 58 vs ASRC Stoneywood (0) 78

GPC Ellon Vets (+20) 56 vs Shell Charlatans (+5) 61


ASRC Stoneywood (0) vs Shell Charlatans (+5)



Play offs: 

We have one confirmed Play off for a position in Division 2: 

Between Kippie 2 & ASRC RSL 

Date - TBC 








Scottish Squash Report 


TvH is now a Director of Scottish Squash representing the Grampian region 



Paul Macari has been elected as the new President of Scottish Squash 




ASRC Awarded the Platinum event: Masters Championships to be played @ ASRC March 2023 

Scottish Squash will run this event. 

Update 8th March: 

The event was a great success with approx. 30 more entrants than the year before! 

ASRC did a great job giving access to 6 courts for the weekend, providing a great variety of food and drink. 

Even though Court 7 heater wasn’t working, the finals that were played there were of great standard regardless! 

A wee shout out to the Tournament Referee; Paul Charlton who did a fantastic job ensuring all matches had a qualified referee marking the games. 

Fantastic local success with our Andy Spiers winning the over 45’s and now selected to play for Scotland! (alongside Keith Simpson) 

And a little controversy where we believe our Fiona Morrison should have had the silver medal in the women’s over 55’s…This is looked into. 

Here’s the link to all the results: 






There are 2 more new Directors of Squash representing the East & Central regions 

They are: Mandy Craig Gould (West region) & Jennifer McArtney (Central Region) 




Paul Macari keen to be part at one of our committee meetings, proposed date is Friday the 3rd March  

Update 8th Feb: 

Grampian Squash Committee have agreed to hold this meeting on Friday the 3rd March 1900 to accommodate Paul Macari 

Update 8th March: 

Due to a few of us selected to play (and referee) on the 3rd March, we had to hold this meeting on a different date, Paul Macari will look into a suitable meeting to attend in future. 







Scottish Squash has released a Board summary Meeting Notes document we can share with all. 

See website alongside the minutes 



The question is asked when the club (and Grampian Squash) can apply for future tournaments. 

TvH to check and put in the Scottish Squash summary notes when they become available 




Rules Sub Committee Report 


The new Rules Sub Committee consists of: 

George Tierney; Steve Black (Chairman) & Danny Selway  

Anyone with an issue can email the Rules Subcommittee directly through: 




David Sheard – no Grampian League squash till he has repaid what he owes… 

Update 8th March: 

An agreement was reached where David will complete his Level 2 Coaching course and upon completion, donate his time in the form of giving / assisting with 10 lessons. 

TvH to find a suitable course for David to join on! 










SHELL 1 asked the rules sub Committee if they could postpone their final match versus AU Students 1. 

Reason for match postponement was having 3 covid cases within their team. 

The sub-committee put this to the full committee where SHELL members abstained from voting. 

At the AGM in 2021 Grampian Squash put in a temporary rule that they would consider match postponements if there were 2 or more covid cases within the team. 

This needed to be requested prior to the Match… 

The committee voted unanimously in favor of postponing. 

The Students appealed for the sub committee to look at their decision on the basis that SHELL is a laddered team and they could have pulled from below. 


The decision was made to postpone and the committee stood by that decision. 


Now, the date is set for the 24th (a Friday) of March, Winner of the night become division 1 Champions. Should be really good to watch. 

And good luck to both teams! 






The committee after the AGM now consists:- 




Paul Charlton 

Vice President 

Steve Black 


Tommy van Huuksloot 


Steve Black 

Match Secretary 

Chris Cook 

Junior Convenor 

Joe Ewen 

Committee Members(x4) 

George Tierney 

Jim Webster 


Danny Selway 


Keith Hobson 


Graham Davidson 




Our website has now got additional Tabs where you can read the Monthly Minutes and the Grampian Squash & Racketball Constitution 

There’s also an additional tab that shows Contact info with the new email addresses involved 

We’re also on Facebook and Twitter where updates are regularly posted 


Contact Mike to allow more Tabs… 

Update 8th March: 

2 additional tabs are made available to us 









SB to come with proposal regarding an exhibition event at ASRC 

Update: We have an exhibition event on the 4th February 

Lobban versus Stewart (our Bronze medal winners at the commonwealth games) 

Tickets are on sale to watch their exhibition match and also to be part of the group coaching sessions between 1400-1600 

Email: for ticket info. 

Raffles, food, drink, good times are to be had! 


Update 8th Feb: 

On the eve before the event, Rory Stewart cancelled due to an injury. 

Quick thinking and Positive Action from Steve Black and Stewart Morrison ensured the event remained on course with the addition of Daryl Selby (no less!) 

We all agreed the organization was fantastic and the event was well received by all who were there. 

Hereby: Thanks again Steve! 












Player of the Month nominations: 

Winner of the Sept-Oct Player of the Month award goes to: 

Dave Arthur from Keyhead  

November POTM = Tom Clark from AU Students 1 

December & January POTM = Steve Black from Fintech 

February POTM = Steve Bannerman from ASRC Osborne 3 (and 2) 




George Tierney observed a lot of poor standard refereeing on Thursday night (Div 1 & Div 2 Matches) 

To help improve our marking skills George will post a paragraph with some key refereeing rules that will help keep us right. 


There are also sessions with George Tierney offered; where he will explain new rules updates (Q & A) and some general refereeing coaching -this will last approximately 40 minutes and will cost each individual £5 

Happy to do this ANY Night!! 



Finals night – Date is set for Thursday the 30th March! 

Expect fireworks on the courts as the standard of playing has been very high this season! 

Please be aware, there will be 2 raffles on the go, one is at the bar and is to help the club with the additional heating & Electricity bill. 

The prize is Cash (share the pot with ASRC) 

The other is run by Grampian Squash to go towards the Juniors. 

Please take some old fashioned cash with you to help us in that respect. 

Note: The Bar staff can actually allow you to play and pay by card (no excuses there!) 

However, we only take cash. 

Finally, in order for our raffle to become a success it helps if we have prizes to entice you to part with money!!! Please help where possible. 




For next season we will have to charge the ASRC Teams £80 per team (£70 if paid on the night) to allow Grampian Squash to pay for the courts when events are played. 

ASRC expects the teams/players to take this cost on themselves, in order to be allowed to play the Grampian leagues. 



Next Committee Meeting Wednesday the 12th April 2023